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Styles P Dime Bag Digital album

Format: 320k/s, mp3

Premiere: November 2nd 2018

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Styles P Dime Bag album songs list:

1. War N Peace

2. Never Fight An African

3. Time Machine

4. Couple Dollars

5. Out Of The Way

6. Money And Checks

7. Life Then Death

8. Marie Antoinette

9. Lottery Games

10. Self Made

In the last two years Styles P has dropped a steady stream of heat for his fans. Just as the OG in the game, do not try to imitate what is hot now, but instead, has adapted to the times, giving its main fans exactly what they expected from him. Only this year he released three projects, including his beloved last week with Dave East. Without wasting time, Ghost returns with the new song “Never Fight An African”.

Styles P returns with the new song “Never Fight An African”. The song coincides with the premiere of his new project, Dime Bag. P provides socially charged track while dealing with politics in general. “I am not a supporter of Trump, and not a follower of Clinton / And Obama, too, I have eluded, we have to organize / I like the truth and facts on the outside / Let’s change the White House in Glass House,” he raps in the song. Styles have already released three projects this year. Aside from Beloved, he also dropped his ninth solo album.

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Associated with its group of LOX (aka D-Block) Styles directed occasionally solo career on the side. Born in Yonkers, David Styles, was born on November 28, 1974 in Queens and raised in the company of childhood friends Jadakiss and Sheek to create LOX in 1994. Trio signed a contract with Puff Daddy, Bad Boy. LOX has hosted numerous songs associated with Bad Boy, and even recorded their own album Money, Power & Respect (1998), which culminated hit of the same name. LOX soon left Bad Boy to join the Ruff Ryder camp, where style hardcore trio fit better with other durable rappers like DMX. Ruff Ryder LOX released their second album, We Are the Streets (2000), and then solo albums for each of the members.

Edition 2018 from Styles P, one-third of the legendary team of Lox is to release their new solo project, Dime Bag. Released at the forefront of its joint project with Dave East, and after the release of a solo project in May, Styles P shows that when a veteran shows no signs of slowing down. On 10 short tracks the project presents the lyrical skills of Styles P or head-nodding beats.

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